Why a VPN is good for you

Are you looking for serious protection with fast speeds and 100% safe? We can't recommend a VPS enough, it's fast,reliable and fully anonymous. We have seletected the 4 best VPNs out there that all care about your protection and that are torrent friendly. Are you sick of your ISP blocking everything? With one of these services all of your problems will be solved and there is no way for them to look into anything as all the data is encrypted.

We do know that there are some Free VPS services out there, but unfortunately they will not take your protection serious so they might be logging your information, not to forget the horrible speed that you will recieve.

VPN (Virtual Private Networks) works by creating a tunnel between host server and your PC, where the traffic from the internet goes in and out of your host server. Besides this, your government or ISP only gets to know that you are connected with a VPN server, and nothing more. In other words, they have no knowledge about your activities, and everything stays hidden underneath a minimum of 128-bit encryption.

However, when it comes to a VPN server, it can see what you are doing online. Hence, we believe that its the responsibility of every good VPN provider not to keep any logs because if they fail to do so, the activity of a user is compromised.

Its quite easy to download and install a VPN and theres no need for you to possess any computing skills. Besides this, most of the VPN providers will provide you with a full step-by-step guide regarding how to install it and keep it running. Once you have installed the VPN, regardless of what program you are using, all of your online activities will be safely routed via a VPN.

However, the only downside of VPN is that they are quite expensive and the whole encryption procedure puts lot of stress on the servers, which can slow down things a little bit when in heavy use.

Our current VPN recommendation is Nord VPN