Torrent Proxy List is an all-in-one solution to unblock any torrent site by providing proxy links such as Kickass Proxy, The Pirates Bay Proxy, Extratorrents Proxy and more.
The most famous unblock method is by using mirror links. Mirror links aka. proxy links including kickass proxy to ensure that you have access to the original site's content even when the domain is down - or blocked. can allow you to view the blocked content, although a better way is to combine this approach with using a VPN.

 A VPN can hide your IP and let you browse as if you were in a different location. It will also protect you from potential lawsuits and fines that can arise when downloading copyrighted files, on top of unblocking torrent sites if your ISP (or the government) decides to restrict access.

> Step 1: Get a VPN

              > Step 2: Use the links below to access the best torrent mirrors    



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